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Website Maintenance, Updates and Support

A well-maintained website is a major factor in not only getting found in the first place but ensuring people who arrive at your website feel that your business is up to date and on top of your game.

Once you take your eye off the ball, websites have a nasty habit of throwing up problems – from broken links, missing images and widgets that no longer function as they should to malware infection, domain expiry and complete loss of connection.

Then, of course, there is the content which should always be fresh, particularly if you run a blog or news service as part of your website.

Get Found offer a comprehensive website maintenance and website update service allowing business owners to get on with running their operation without worrying about what their website is doing.

Website Updates, Functionality and Security

Website Maintenance, Updates and SupportHiring a website maintenance service will take the worry out of handling security patches and plug-in updates. When bugs and vulnerabilities are found in a website, the developer will find a solution and release it as a ‘patch.’ Eventually, a full update will be required to integrate all the fixes and security updates. Until that patch or update is installed, your website remains a target for exploitation by cyber criminals looking to steal data or spread malware.

Some websites include additional software components known as plug-ins. These are also regularly updated to fix problems and ensure continued compatibility. Out of date plug-ins can stop working or cause the website itself to behave strangely.

When Get Found start working with a new client, we often find lots of pending updates in the back-end of their website. These sort of oversights would be a thing of the past with the Get Found maintenance service.

Website Maintenance and Search Engine Listings

Fresh content and regular social media engagement send strong signals to the search engines and are key to getting your website found but even seemingly small update tasks can have a big impact. For example, if you are targeting local customers, your local search engine rankings will be affected heavily by the number and consistency of business directory citations in your area. If you were to update your business name, address or telephone number (known as your NAP) on your directory listings but not on your website – and vice versa – this is likely to cause your search engine ranking to slip.

We can help you with both your content strategy, your local and non-geo-specific search engine optimisation (SEO) and your front and back-end website updates, giving you a big advantage over the competition.

Website Maintenance and Compliance

It may sometimes seem that the internet is a free-for-all where anyone is able to throw together a few web pages and get found online but this is not the case. As the owner of the most frequently-used search engine on the planet, Google has a lot of say in which sites get found and which languish in obscurity. They expect sites that they index and rank highly to conform to certain standards and this is likely to increase as time goes on.

Google already have restrictions on how websites promote third parties through advertising and they expect sites to contain certain pages such as ‘Terms and Conditions,’ and a ‘Privacy Policy.’ They are now set to introduce penalties for sites without an SSL certificate! By using the Get Found website maintenance and website updates service, you will receive timely advice about upcoming compliance requirements and assistance in fulfilling them.

For more about the Get Found website design maintenance and website updates service, including a free quote, please call today.