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Are you looking for a brand new cost-efficient website that will help you in your mission to get found online?
Or do you have an existing website that needs refreshing or replacing; perhaps it isn’t mobile friendly or isn’t ranking well on Google and the other search engines.

Website Design StockportWith decades of experience in all forms of digital marketing, social media management, reputation management and website design, we can design you a site that is as functional as it is visually attractive and as appealing to people as it is to the search engines.

Put the Get Found team in charge of your website design and look forward to more and better quality traffic than you’ve ever had before.

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A web design company that has no interest or expertise in social media or mobile integration is not worth commissioning. Today’s website has to be social media integrated and have a responsive design to have any real chance of being found anywhere near the top of the search engine listings.


Social media signals tell the search engines how much engagement there is between your website and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. If your website doesn’t talk to these platforms your business will not only be divorced from a rich source of attention and interest – it will also soon become pushed down the search engine rankings.

With 65% to 75% of people now using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to access online content, Google has decided to favour responsive websites above their non-responsive equivalents in their search rankings. Responsive websites contain lines of coding that tell browsers to automatically adapt website display to a particular screen size. This is in contrast to older website design parameters which stipulated fixed display dimensions that looked great on a desktop machine but awful on a smartphone or tablet.

Website Design, SEO and Content

For your site to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs), web design needs to incorporate clean and simple coding and follow good SEO practice. This includes filling in the so-called ‘metadata’ fields with relevant keywords – those you want your site to rank highly for. Metadata are signals to the search engine bots and do not appear in the main content of a page. Meta-data should also be attached to all image and video content. Whether you hire us for website design or for our SEO prowess we will ensure these basic steps have been followed.

The written content on your web page should also be an integral part of web design. Some web designers aren’t interested in looking at words but this is crazy since the written content on a page is the most important factor that Google uses to rank websites. From a user experience perspective, a web design that looks amazing can still ‘sound’ terrible if the written content is littered with spelling and grammar errors or full of banal corporate cliches.

Web Design and Local SEO

If you are aiming to get found in your local vicinity, good quality web design is especially important. Both back-end meta-data and front-end content will need to incorporate geo-specific keywords while even the format of your business name, address and email (known as your NAP citation) should be consistent with that found in your Google My Business listing and other local business directories. Again, you will need to have a responsive web design to benefit from people travelling through and searching for your type of products and services on their mobile devices.

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