Web Design Stockport

Web design Stockport

How to choose your website development partner

The starting point for getting found online is having a website. With over 30 years’ experience in website development, we can confidently go further and recommend a WordPress powered marketing website built using responsive web design principles.

What does good website development look like?

Professional grade website development will result in a website which looks appealing, works well and, critically, fulfils your objectives as a business. This will include getting you found online by the search engines.

Web Design StockportTo achieve these aims, your website should be developed with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind, including local SEO for Stockport (or wherever your business is located).

High quality website development should also include tight social media integration because engaging on social media platforms is one of the most powerful ways to build reputation quickly and increase your conversion rates.

With high levels of traffic and healthy conversion rates, you will maximise the potential of your business.

Other areas of good practice in web development include focusing on simplicity, clean code and consistent branding. You will get all of this guaranteed if you choose Get Found for web design in Stockport.

What is WordPress (and why we recommend it for website development)

There can be some confusion about the role of WordPress in website development. WordPress was originally a blogging platform and many bloggers still host their blogs on WordPress.com.

From a web development perspective, when we refer to WordPress, we are talking about the open-source website development platform and content management system (CMS) that can be downloaded for free from WordPress.org. Unlike other free website builders, developers can use and modify the code without restriction, enabling them to create bespoke designs for any business client.

WordPress is used in over 25 million websites, many more than its nearest competitors. It is used by huge companies such as the New York Times, Disney, Sony Music and Mercedes-Benz as well as millions of SMEs.

WordPress is valued for its power, SEO-friendly code and flexibility. It is possible to create anything from the simplest brochure site to a powerful e-commerce platform using WordPress. WordPress layouts are defined by themes and extra features can be added through plugins. WordPress supports responsive web design where this has been built into the themes.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design was created to help developers produce websites that will look good and function well regardless of the browser or device used to access it.

Prior to responsive web design, developers had to create one site for desktops and laptops and another for mobile devices. As more devices with different screen sizes flooded the market, this became impractical.

Responsive web design relies on three fundamental elements:

  • Fluid layouts, usually based on a grid system
  • Fluid images
  • CSS3 media queries

In simple terms, the code of a responsive web design can deliver content to suit multiple browsers and devices. The same content can be delivered in a completely different way depending on the size, orientation and settings of the device and its web browser.

The value of working together on web development

Web development and maintenance is not a service that is done for a business. It is a project that is worked through alongside a business.

If you choose us for your Stockport web design project, we will collaborate with you to ensure we are building the site you want and need.

As we revise concepts and work together, our understanding of your business will grow until we are completely on the same page. Although we are happy working on one-off web development projects, we see the best results when we work long-term with our business partners.

Local web design Stockport: Why we are best placed to serve Stockport businesses

As we are based in the centre of Stockport, we offer extra advantages to those locally based businesses who use our services. Local SEO is a major factor in the success of companies with a geographical base. Our expertise in that field and knowledge of the local area are a powerful combination. There is also the peace of mind of knowing exactly where we are if you need urgent help.

If you are a Stockport business ready to start your web design project, please get in touch and we will help you to create a site that will get you found online.