Social Media Training Courses

Social Media Training CourseSocial media marketing has become such an influential strand of the internet marketing web that it is no longer a case of whether you should be taking advantage of it (you should!) but of how best to make social media work for you.

Some of our clients don’t have the inclination, a time and/or resources to manage their own social media profiles and they are happy to outsource their entire social media management function to us at Get Found. Others are determined to run their own in-house social media marketing campaigns but are unsure of how to get started or whether what they’re currently doing is right.

For these businesses and organisations our experienced social media consultants are happy to deliver a bespoke Social Media Training service.

What Can you Expect from a Get Found Social Media Training Course

No two businesses will utilise social media marketing in exactly the same way. The type of business they are, the audience they are attracting (and those they want to attract) and the skill level of their employees will each alter the type of engagement they have with their followers and affect the social media training they will need.

There is no value in creating a social media strategy without first determining what you expect to achieve as a business. There may be specific questions that you have and certain platforms that you favour or you may need more of an overview of the social media landscape. The experience of the staff who will be responsible for working on your social media programme will also be fully taken into account as this can have a huge difference in how effective the training is.

After this initial discovery process we will design a sensibly priced, private social media training programme which will cover all of the specific areas you’ve identified together with any core training we think you will need. By the end of the programme you will have the skills and confidence to launch your own social media marketing campaign and cascade your knowledge to other employees.

Our skilled social media consultants are well-versed with all of the major social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+) and keep in touch with the latest trends and developments.

A Note on Google+ and the Google Eco System

Although Google values social signals and entry points provided by all of the big social media networks, its own social offering – Google+ – deserves a special mention. Ensuring your business has a profile on Google+ and has claimed its free My Business listing will automatically integrate your profile with the vast portfolio of Google properties. This will improve your chances of ranking well in Google’s organic search results and open up many more avenues for getting found online (e.g. via Google Maps and within the famous ‘three pack’ which often sits higher than organic search results on the first page of Google).

Social Media Management and Content Management Services

If you decide that you would prefer to hand over your social media management function in its entirety then Get Found’s Social Media Management service will be more relevant to you. After discussing your key objectives and agreeing a brief with you, we will take over the management of your social media accounts and post regular engaging content to a pre-agreed schedule as well as providing frequent reports and updates to highlight progress and areas of future development.

We can also offer a superb Content Management Service to help maximise the quality of your posted content, significantly boosting the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns. Please call us to discuss any of the above services. We offer a free quotation.