Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is the outgrowth of traditional word of mouth marketing amplified a million-fold by the vast reach of the social media networks. Google and the other search engines pay a lot of attention to so-called social signals because a website or blog that can regularly attract significant engagement from various people on different social media platforms is clearly a valuable resource.

Get Found offer a customised social media marketing service as a standalone element or part of a wider internet marketing service. We also offer complete social media management, whereby we take control of your social media accounts to free up your resources, as well as social media training via our experienced marketing consultants.

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing – a Powerful Combination

For maximum effect, social media marketing ideally needs to be combined with high quality content marketing. Get Found can advise you on how this can work for your business or organisation. Content marketing focuses on the creation of engaging content which appeals to both human readers while standing out as relevant to the search engine bots. Social media marketing takes that engaging content and presents it in such a way that people talk about it and share it to others on their social network. Social media marketing also involves identifying social media influencers and building relationships with them so that they are inclined to circulate your content among their substantial audiences.

The more widely your content is distributed over the internet, the more ‘entry points’ open up through which the search engines and new customers can discover you, boosting your organic search rankings. This is why social media marketing is one of the key off-site SEO strategies we use at Get Found.

Social Media Marketing Fundamentals

Social media marketing is much more than just knocking up a few GIFs and hitting the share button. To succeed in the fickle and fast-paced world of social media you have to put some fundamental practices in place. These include:

Listening carefully to what is being talked about and tailoring your content to add value to those conversations.
Toning down self-promotion and ensuring everything you post has inherent value.

Reciprocating social media sharing (this is not just good manners – it’s a powerful way of building authentic relationships).

Responding to social media engagement quickly. If someone goes to the effort of commenting on your Facebook post or sending you a direct message on Twitter you should respond. This will also keep them interested in you rather than being tempted away by a more responsive competitor.

Effective social media marketing is all about quality over quantity. There are dozens of popular social media platforms out there in cyberspace and it is not possible to have a presence on all of them. On the same note, just because Twitter and Facebook works for everyone else it doesn’t mean that Snapchat or Pinterest might not be your most effective platforms. Get Found will help you to focus your efforts where they are most likely to deliver real results.

A Big Piece of an Even Bigger Internet Marketing Puzzle

Social media marketing is a huge and growing piece of the internet marketing puzzle but combining it with other strategies can multiply its effect dramatically. We have already mentioned how combining social media with quality content marketing can boost results but there are many more factors that work together to get businesses found online.

From search engine optimisation – local and non geo-specific – to pay-per-click advertising, mobile marketing and more, Get Found offer a variety of services all geared towards lifting your business into the search stratosphere. Call us today for a free quotation or to find out more.