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Unlike free organic digital marketing, search and social adverts allow individuals and companies to pay for increased visibility online. Most people will have noticed search adverts at the top and to the sides of search engine results pages while social adverts – including promoted posts on Facebook and sponsored tweets on Twitter are now accepted as the norm. But is this strategy right for your business?

Are Search and Social Adverts Effective?

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The short answer is yes. When it comes to getting found, either through people searching via search engines or participating in social media, search and social adverts can almost guarantee at least some results. Social advertising campaigns in particular can be highly efficient due to their low cost and the ability to selectively market to very specific groups.

However, relying on search and social adverts alone to promote your products or services is likely to be expensive and it is usually better to invest your time in a mix of long-term, organic internet marketing activities and short-term PPC and other kinds of ads.

Search and social adverts are both powerful tools to capture public interest either when people are searching for something online (search adverts) or participating in social media activities (social adverts on Facebook and Twitter, etc.)

Whereas the cost-effective use of search adverts relies upon selection of relevant keywords, careful choice of ad copy and the relevance of the landing page the ad links to, social adverts are most economical when there is high user engagement. The reason why time and thought needs to be given to designing your search adverts and choosing which social media content to promote comes down to a metric used by both search and social ad platforms – ad quality score.

Understanding Quality Score for Search and Social Adverts

There are subtle differences in terminology and focus but both search and social adverts rely hugely on some kind of quality score metric.

Quality score is the name given to this metric by Google in their AdWords programme. Google’s success is based on the relevancy of search results it serves to its users and although PPC advertisers are paying for their privilege, Google still wants to protect its users from irrelevant ads. It does this by creating a quality score from various elements of a search advert. In search ads, these elements include the industry click-through-rate (CTR) of selected keywords, the relevance of the destination landing page to those keywords and the ad copy used in the text-based ads. The lower your quality score, the less often your ad will be served to the public and the more you will pay for the privilege and vice-versa.

If search advertising prioritises relevancy above all else then social advertising rewards engagement, although relevancy is also a powerful factor. In fact, Facebook actually terms its quality metric Relevance Score while Twitter calls it Quality Adjusted Bid. This is why it makes sense to only promote the type of content you already know attracts social activity as this will be rewarded by more impressions and a lower cost per engagement.

There are subtle nuances in the above processes and sophisticated techniques such as remarketing can wring every last drop of traffic from your marketing efforts. That’s why we recommend hiring Get Found to handle your search and social adverts campaign, either as a standalone service or as part of our comprehensive digital marketing service.

What Can Get Found Do For You?

There are several ways you can benefit from the Get Found team’s decades of hands-on experience in search and social marketing. For example, if you want to focus on Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns, we can include this as part of our social media management service or, if you prefer to handle the social side of things yourself, we can provide bespoke social media training to your team.

If you are more interested in search marketing, consider using us as a PPC agency or investing in our powerful digital marketing service which can blend search ad campaigns with content marketing, SEO and more.

For guidance on the solution that is right for your company and for a free quote, please call us today.