Online Reviews and Reputation ManagementOnline Reviews and Reputation Management

You may be getting found online but what if people don’t like what they find? If you’re not broadcasting the good feeling you’re attracting and unsatisfied clients are coming back to haunt you, you may need to take a serious look at your reputation management.

Regardless of your size, people will have an opinion about what your business is and does. From comments on blog posts to tweets, Facebook status comments and online reviews, there are plenty of ways for people to spread the word – for good or ill. Reputation management is about keeping a handle on all of that.

Get Found can offer professional reputation management, either as a separate service or as part of a larger internet marketing or social media management package.

The Age of Transparency

The way in which businesses and their customers interact has changed dramatically. In traditional marketing, and even in the early days of digital marketing, the customer was a largely passive consumer with businesses competing with one another to be heard.

Modern digital marketing is a two-way process with successful businesses doing as much of the listening as the talking. Through social media monitoring and online reviews, companies of all sizes are now able to pick up exactly what their customers think of them: what they are happy about and what things leave a lot to be desired.

Some have struggled to adapt to this paradigm and have suffered when they have either ignored vocal protests from customers or allowed poorly trained employees to react aggressively to negative feedback. With every interaction now open and visible to the whole world, reputation management has become a major priority for a lot of companies.

Online Reviews and Reputation Management

From popular review hubs like Yelp!, Amazon and Trip Advisor to social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, star rating and endorsement systems are all the rage. Even where customers are not actively contacted to leave feedback they are by now already primed to seek out a way to reward or punish a company they have done business with.

Some businesses have tried in vain to regain control of the review system, either by taking legal action against critics, paying for positive reviews or setting up dubious feedback exchange schemes but these nearly always backfire.

However, there are a few simple reputation management techniques which will work for almost any business, enabling them to maximise the power of good reviews and limit the damage from negative ones. The trick is in making it as easy as possible for people to leave reviews when they have something good to say and making it even easier – and more appealing – to contact the company privately when things have not gone their way.

Monitoring social media conversations, alerting you to the need to respond to an issue and setting up a dedicated reviews page are just a few of many strategies Get Found can set up as part of a comprehensive reputation management service.

Reputation Management and Local SEO

Reputation management has an important part to play in local SEO strategies, particularly when you have set up your Google My Business profile. Google have made it easier for their listed businesses to stand out from organic search results using their ‘three pack’ directory layout. On the flipside, they have also made it easy for customers to review businesses. When they click a business entry, customers are invited to leave a review which includes a one to five-star rating, description and, if desired, photographs.

With a solid reputation management plan by Get Found in place, Google-listed businesses should find themselves gathering positive reviews which, in turn, will boost their page position. This cycle of ever-increasing visibility and reputability can be yours if you give Get Found a call today.