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PPC Agency – Pay Per Click Advertising

There is one way to virtually guarantee an increase in web traffic: PPC or pay-per-click advertising. Exemplified by the Google AdWords programme, PPC uses a bidding system to serve text or display ads to people searching the web or visiting partner sites. Whenever people click on the ad, the advertiser is charged until their nominated daily budget is used up

Although AdWords and other PPC programs (e.g. Bing Ads) is fairly easy to set up, optimising ads to make best use of the available budget requires skill and experience. That is why Get Found offer a PPC Agency service for businesses who lack the time, interest or understanding to run an effective PPC campaign.

Weighing Up Organic Search versus Paid Search (PPC) Optimisation

PPC Agency StockportEvery business will have it’s own specific reason why it opts to use PPC or not but there are two main differences between the two approaches:

Organic search engine optimisation uses a variety of on-site and off-site techniques to help a website to appear as high up as possible in the listings when potential customers or service users are typing certain keywords into a search engine. Being listed on a search engine results page is free but very competitive and progress can take months or even years to achieve. Since quality content is extremely important in organic SEO there is a lot of time involvement required.

In addition, the algorithms used to determine the ranking of websites are secret to prevent abuse of the system and while many of the ranking factors are known to SEO experts like Get Found, the algorithms are updated regularly and the exact weightings change regularly. However, effective organic SEO can lead to long-term success.

Paid search is much quicker to implement with advertisers choosing how much they are prepared to pay for a click on their ad (in the AdWords programme, bids can be individually adjusted or automatically set by Google). Ads are automatically placed in a prominent place on the screen (either in the search listings or on a third-party site depending on the campaign) and although placement is not purely determined by bid – an ad with a high quality score can still outperform another with a higher bid amount – it is much easier to get found than with organic SEO.

One of the downsides to PPC, apart from the cost factor, is that web traffic is short-term. As soon as the ad campaign ends, or the budget is reached, the ad is no longer served and traffic tails off quickly. For that reason, PPC is often favoured when businesses want to attract a large number of visits over a short period – perhaps to coincide with a promotion.

If you are still not sure whether to opt for an organic search or PPC strategy – or a mixture of the two – Get Found can help advise you. Whether you want to hire us as a standalone PPC agency or to run a PPC campaign as part of an overall digital marketing strategy we will be happy to help.

About Social Ads – PPC

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer their own versions of PPC ads and this is another way to boost the chances of being found by prospective customers. Due to the vast amounts of data stored on their members, social PPC can be highly targeted to a specific demographic.

You can hire Get Found as a standalone social media PPC agency or we can provide a full social media management service incorporating PPC campaigns. Please call us for more information or a free quote.