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Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social advertising offers a unique way to boost business for companies in a wide range of sectors. From well-known advertising solutions from platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to less obvious ad providers like Snapchat, Pinterest and Quora, each social media organisation offers unique opportunities.

Get Found can help you to manage your paid social campaigns, either as a standalone service or as part of a wider social media management service.

The advantages of paid social

Social media has the double advantage of large, engaged audiences and sophisticated targeting methods. Social media databases store vast amounts of demographic, behavioural and psychographic information on their users, much of it freely given. This enables advertisers to finely tune their campaigns.

Paid social media also tends to be a relatively low cost form of promotion and each platform has its own specific audiences and ad format options.

Paid advertising through Facebook and LinkedIn

With its user base of hundreds of millions and powerful targeting options, Facebook is a popular destination for business ad spend. There are two main ways to reach Facebook users: Facebook ads and boosted posts.

Facebook offers highly detailed demographic and behavioural data on its user base. This goes beyond standard categories such as age, gender and geographical location. Advertisers using Facebook ads and boosted posts can target customers based on recent life events; pages liked; people followed; favourite sports teams, movies and music artists and more.

For B2B advertisers, recruitment agencies and other business-focused organisations, LinkedIn is a natural platform for paid social spend. LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored Content are two options Get Found can explore with you.

Targeting Twitter, Instagram and YouTube users

Other popular social media platforms that can work for different types of business include Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Twitter appeals to people who like to follow trends and to keep on top of the latest news and current events. For businesses whose customers use Twitter, the option of Twitter Ads or Promoted Tweets may be most effective.

Businesses in highly visual fields like fashion, beauty and food may find more benefit from Instagram. Instagram ads come in several different formats including Stories ads, Photo ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, Collection ads and ads in Explore, Instagram’s feed for real-time curated content.
YouTube Advertising should be carefully considered given the recent rise in the popularity of video content.

Other options for paid social: Quora, Snapchat and Pinterest

Get Found can also help businesses looking to advertise through alternative social media platforms such as Quora, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Quora is a question-and-answer forum covering a wide range of different topics. Quora ad products can be targeted broadly by location and device or more specifically by audience, context or behaviour.

Snapchat appeals to a young demographic who like to share images, video clips and short-form stories. Snapchat Ads can be leveraged by businesses looking to connect with this demographic.

Another social media platform that is aimed at users who favour visual content is Pinterest. Pinterest Ads can be explored by those businesses looking to reach users of this popular scrapbooking site.

If you are interested in looking at paid social options with social media platforms not mentioned above, Get Found will be happy to help you with that process.

Due to the variety of social media platforms available, there are many options for businesses to explore. Choosing the right amount and blend of paid social advertising is critical to making the most of this highly targeted form of marketing.

Contact Get Found today to discuss your business needs and let our social media specialists help you to make the best marketing decisions.