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Paid Search Marketing- Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid search marketing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is a powerful way to boost a company website’s position on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Get Found can help your business to manage and optimise their PPC campaigns including Google Pay Per Click and Bing Ads (which now includes Yahoo!).

The advantages of paid search

The main advantage of paid search marketing is that it enables a business to improve their chances of appearing prominently on the search engine pages. Providing the bid price and ad quality are sufficient, ads will appear above the ordinary ‘organic’ listings, attracting clicks and increasing web traffic. Depending on the campaign settings, they may also appear on various search engine partner sites.

While there are other cost models (e.g. pay-per-impression, pay-per-action, etc.), most paid search marketing uses pay-per-click which means that advertisers are only charged when their ads are clicked. This continues until their daily budget is reached after which the ad is no longer served that day.

PPC is ideal as a short-term strategy, for example when looking to maximise exposure during a time-limited promotion. Many businesses also choose to run an ongoing campaign, set at an affordable budget, to maintain a steady presence in the search listings.

Get Found can work with you on establishing the best balance of PPC advertising and ongoing, long-term search engine optimisation.

Google Pay Per Click

For many people, paid search advertising is synonymous with Google Pay Per Click. Google has a substantial lead over its rivals in the search space and is therefore the most popular paid search ad platform.

Google Pay Per Click campaigns can be restricted to the Google Search Network or the Google Display Network or they can target both. The Google Search Network displays text-based ads above and around the non-paid ‘organic’ listings on search engine results pages. These ads look similar to the organic listings but with a small ‘Ad’ label alongside them. The Google Display Network displays image and text-based ads on the websites of Google’s partners.

The success of a Google Pay Per Click campaign is based on both the budget allocated to ads and the quality of those ads. While setting up a Google Pay Per Click campaign is relatively easy, especially if you use Google’s automated bid option, it is rarely the most effective option. The skilled and experienced marketers at Get Found can work with you to design and manage a cost-efficient campaign to help maximise your ROI.

For e-commerce site owners we can also work with you on Google Product Listing Ads/Google Shopping Ads.

Paid Search Bing Ads

Despite Google’s dominance, it is important for business owners to consider Bing Ads, owned by Microsoft. Bing and the wider Bing Network have a sizeable user base. With reduced competition and a lower cost-per-click value, Bing Ads can be an attractive option and Get Found can work with you to help you decide if and how to split your advertising spend between Google and Bing.

Bing also has its own product advertising model: Bing Shopping Campaign (BSC) featuring Bing Product Ads.

Yahoo! PPC advertising

For certain demographics, particularly older internet users and those accessing the internet from a work computer, Yahoo! Is still a popular search engine and mail provider. If you are targeting these customers, advertising on Yahoo! Search or Yahoo! Mail is a worthwhile strategy to consider.

Following the January 2019 deal between Microsoft and Verizon, Yahoo! ads will now be served via the Bing Ads platform. This also applies to AOL search which became part of the Oath (now Verizon Media) family in 2017.

Whether you are interested in using Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo! or a combination of all of these, speak to Get Found today.