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Are you standing out among your local competitors or being left behind?

Bring NEW customers to your business with GetFound.co.uk making your business stand out on Google, Social, and Maps. SEO, Social Media, and PPC Packages to suit your business – AND your budget.

Have local customers deserted you or are you finding a rival business popping up all over the place online?

Rather than chasing prospective new buyers or service users how much better would it be if they came to you? This is what local SEO can do for you.

If your service or product is mainly geared towards local residents or visitors, or you need to increase local uptake of your global offering, then the Get Found Local SEO service will help you to create the perfect local SEO strategy.

What’s the Difference Between Local SEO and Non-Geo-specific SEO

Get Found Through Search, Social & MobileThe creation of local SEO services has come about as a response to the increasing importance that Google and the other search engines are placing on locally-tailored results.

As mobile devices become more common and search engine algorithms more sophisticated it is now possible to use IP addresses, GPS positioning, directory citations and location-based content to serve locally-relevant webpages to consumers. In plain language, the search engines know where you are when you’re searching for things and highlights nearby sources first.

The weighting of the different factors that signal to Google and the rest that a website is worth ranking highly is very different when marketing locally than when positioning for a global audience. That is why local SEO has developed into a specialist discipline.

On-site backlinks and content continues to be important in local SEO but the focus is on linking to local directories and websites and writing content which contains location-specific keywords. Some elements, such as NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency and citation volume are much more important when ranking locally as it enables the search engines to recognise you as a locally established business.

Get Found are specialists in local SEO based in Stockport and can optimise your website so that all of the above local signals are strong and reliable. Tel: 0161 694 6396


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