local SEO Packages


Are you looking to increase your local impact without wasting money on expensive advertising campaigns or multiple directory listings?

Local search engine optimisation (SEO) is a specialist discipline aimed at raising a company’s profile in their town, city or region. The term covers a wide range of services which together add up to more than the sum of their parts.

Get Found have bundled the best of these services together to create local SEO packages suitable for businesses of different types and sizes.

Why local SEO matters

Don’t assume that local SEO is identical to standard SEO but focused on local keywords. Although keyword strategy is a critical part of local SEO, there is a lot more involved in creating an effective local SEO package.

For example, local SEO specialists like Get Found understand the importance of ensuring directory citations are accurate and consistent. Social media profiles also need to be integrated so that local followers can engage with the business and leave recommendations.

We can audit and adjust back-end SEO factors such as meta titles and descriptions as well as help businesses with their content creation, making sure that long-tail, locally-relevant keywords are incorporated in a natural, engaging way.

Off-site local SEO factors include building links with high authority websites and directories (using only Google-compliant ‘white hat’ strategies of course).

Optimising your Google My Business profile

Claiming your business or organisation on Google My Business (GMB) is an essential first step in any local SEO campaign as this will link you in with powerful Google properties such as Google Maps, the Google ‘Local Pack’ and, of course, Google Search.

Creating a profile on GMB is free and simple but will take a few days as Google will need to send a postcard to a registered business address before your listing can be verified. Get Found can hold your hand through this process if necessary.

Once your GMB listing is confirmed, there are many ways to optimise it further through uploading high quality photographs and videos and highlighting special offers and new products through the new posts feature. You can even choose to have someone film a 360 degree video of the inside of your premises to unlock virtual tours.

Another important task of the local SEO expert is to check that a business’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone) profile is identical across GMB and local directories. This is a strong signal Google uses to verify that you are a genuine locally based business.

Why mobile technology and local SEO go hand in hand

Most people now access the internet via mobile devices and this is even more the case when they are on the move. As a result, mobile optimisation plays a central role in local SEO campaigns, especially for companies that rely mainly on business from people traveling through the area (e.g. eateries, retailers, hotels and tourist resorts).

GPS tracking technology enables advertisers with Google and other ad and search platforms to display their ads and profiles to people nearby. Get Found will help businesses to ensure their websites and online digital marketing are optimised for the limited display sizes of mobile devices.

Local SEO packages for all types of business

From professional services (lawyers, accountants, consultants, etc.) to restaurants to corner shops and entrepreneurs, all types of business are benefiting from the powerful targeting ability of local SEO. Get Found can tailor local SEO packages to suit any industry type and budget.

Our local SEO packages are also ideal for global or national companies looking to improve their presence in specific areas.

The longer you wait to launch your local SEO campaigns, the more likely it is your competitors will steal an advantage and take your customers with them.

Contact Get Found today to talk through all the options available.