Local SEO Company

Benefits of Using a Local SEO Company

Do you need to increase local or regional interest in your business? Do you want to direct your marketing budget to where it will have the most impact?

Get Found, the local SEO company, can help.

The marketing landscape has changed

The newspaper industry is fading. With circulation figures falling, their ad space is less valuable than it used to be yet they still charge premium prices.

Most business owners know that the answer lies online but they are not certain where best to spend their budgets. Online directories? PPC ads? Local websites?

A local SEO company specialises in increasing their clients’ local visibility through a combination of proven services and strategies.

Who can benefit from a local SEO company?

A local SEO company is ideal for:

• Businesses which serve a specific town, city or region (i.e. most local companies and tradespeople from butchers to electricians)
• Franchisees
• National companies with designated marketing areas (DMAs)
• Businesses dependent on visitors to their town, city or region (e.g. tourist attractions, restaurants, etc.)
• Online businesses and e-commerce stores that operate on a local or regional level

Many business owners try to juggle their marketing activities with everything else they do on a daily basis. This is not wise when it comes to local SEO. Local SEO is a dynamic and specialised discipline requiring attention to detail and regular monitoring.

Differences between a national and local SEO company

You have probably received emails and phone calls from companies, including some well-known national names, offering SEO services but if they don’t specify local SEO, they are probably not going to help much.

Local SEO processes are very different from national ones because you are focusing your efforts on a specific sector rather than taking a broad brush, scattergun approach. Local SEO requires a more customised approach than some of the ‘one size fits all’ packages available.

A good local SEO company will optimise your content and website structure for local search terms and will carry out keyword research to locate highly converting long-tailed keywords for your industry (as well as geographically-specific search terms).

They will also go through local directories and ensure your details are consistent; this is a strong signal used by search engines to verify a business as a legitimate locally-based ongoing concern.

Local SEO companies also understand the importance of mobile optimisation. 82% of smartphone users find local businesses by searching on their devices, often using the phrase ‘near me’. Due to their restricted screen size, businesses at the top of search engine rankings and in the Google ‘Local Pack’ are far more likely to be visited than the rest.

How do you get in the Local Pack? First you need to claim your business on Google My Business.

Have you claimed your free Google listing?

In many ways, Google My Business (GMB) is the key that unlocks the door to effective local SEO results.

GMB is a free directory which is tightly integrated with the entire Google ecosystem including Google Maps, Google Search and the Google Local Pack. This is a set of three directory listings which appear at the top of a Google’s search results page – even above the ads and main search listings.

You can edit your GMB profile to add business hours, features, contact details, pictures, videos and more. You can even use the post feature to highlight news and special offers.

Get Found can help you optimise your GMB listing to maximise its potential to reach your potential customers.

The sooner you launch your local SEO campaign, the sooner you will climb the rankings for local search, increasing conversions and giving yourself a head start over the competition.

For more information on our range of services, call Get Found today.