Google Virtual Tours

When people are searching online they are not always looking for products, services or even information. Sometimes they just want to be entertained!

Google Virtual ToursFortunately, there’s a way that Get Found can help you to promote your wares or services while providing info and entertainment at the same time: Google virtual tours.

Google tours can be embedded into your website and shared around your social media networks but what exactly are they and how do you book one for your business?

Google Virtual Tours: Street View for Inside your Premises

The best way to think about Google tours is Street View for the interior and/or immediate exterior of your shop or premises. If you have never used Google Street View, it is a street-level map view application – for desktop and mobile devices – that allows you to virtually roam real-world streets.

Using the same proprietary Google software, Trusted Google Photographers can replicate that experience for the inside of buildings with viewers using navigation arrows they can click or tap to move their viewpoint around.

Google Tours enable consumers to check details, browse products and generally nose around your premises before setting a foot outside of their door – or while en route using a mobile device. Custom overlays can also present visitors with special offers as they look around. All of this engagement is pure nectar to the search engines which will reward you with higher rankings.

Hosting Google tours online is free of charge to the end user which means businesses only need to find a Google Trusted Photographer to carry out the film shoot. This is something that Get Found will be happy to arrange.

Lead the Race to Virtual Reality with Google Virtual Tours

The news gets even better for businesses. You will have no doubt noticed the current trend moving towards new ways of experiencing content through virtual reality. VR may seem out of your budget as a business but what if you could somehow harness Google tours to an affordable VR technology – one that any of your customers could get hold of.

Google have once again delivered the goods here with the introduction of their Google Cardboard VR technology. Cardboard strips VR to its basics: a viewing device and a 360-degree capable mobile device. A simple viewer can be bought or made from cardboard (hence the name) and a smartphone inserted into it. By downloading the free Google Street View app and tweaking a few simple settings, your customers can enjoy an affordable virtual reality experience of walking around your physical store.

Has your Business Claimed its Free Google My Business Place Yet?

While on the subject of Google Tours, one thing that Get Found advise all of our clients to do is to claim their free Google My Business listing. This is a Google-hosted directory listing which you can customise to your business. It includes the facility to add photographs, reviews and Google tours.

Once your company is listed on Google My Business it becomes eligible for a spot in the famous ‘three pack,’ prominently displayed business listings which appear above organic search results on desktop and mobile devices.

A Google My Business listing also means that your business or organisation automatically becomes part of the Google eco-system and can appear on Google Maps, Google+, Google Street View and other properties. As people come across more entry points to discovering your business and become engaged through compelling content like Google tours, your Google Search ranking can only go in one direction!

For a free quote and to book one of our Google tours film shoots or talk to us about another one of our powerful internet marketing services please call today.

Google Street View for Inside your Business – Google Maps Business View