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Copywriting Agency Stockport Manchester.There is a well-known saying in internet marketing: ‘content is king!’ No matter how clean your website code is or how many great products you have in your catalogue, your website and everything in it will be ignored by the search engines if the copywriting and other content is poor. And if the search engines are ignoring it, that is a warning that your visitors would be likely to react in the same way.

In its bid to serve fresh and engaging content to its search engine users, Google, in particular, is waging a war on poor quality content. Copywriting which is insubstantial (thin), repetitive, plagiarised or spun (using software to change words in otherwise identical text) is being systematically hunted down and the sites carrying it cast into ignominy. Don’t let that be the case with your website!

Get Found deliver high quality copywriting as standard whether you are asking us to provide a content marketing service or send out social media posts on your behalf.

Why Professional Copywriting is Key to Success

Providing everything else is set up correctly, the written content is almost always the most important consideration for your website. After all, the text people read is the voice of your business.

Copywriting is the art and science of writing commercial text (called ‘copy’) for the purpose of persuasion. This can be indirect, by providing information that builds trust and reputation, or blatant, as a call to action.

Effective copywriting affects the behaviour of the visitor to a website or landing page: they might be persuaded to read on when they would otherwise have clicked away, fill in a web form or follow a link. Without this attention, copy can become just words – and a wasted opportunity.

Business owners often underestimate the importance of copywriting, figuring that they know their business best and are better placed to write about it. Unfortunately, they rarely have the professional copywriter’s command of spelling and grammar and they almost never have their mastery of consumer psychology. It is also common to see company web copy stuffed with industry jargon which is usually a big turn off for prospective customers.

SEO – Writing for the Search Engines

In the past decade, the importance of so-called SEO copywriting has soared. Although the search engines are continually improving their ability to recognise high quality written content, this has not always been the case and people could fool the algorithms into ranking their sites highly by the zealous repetition of certain keywords and key phrases. Fortunately, this strategy of ‘keyword stuffing’ has been largely filtered out but it highlights the difficulty of writing for both machines (i.e. search engine bots) and humans.

SEO copywriters have developed a valuable skill of strategically placing keywords and key phrases into web copy while ensuring the text reads as naturally as possible. Rather than ‘gaming the system,’ as unethical internet marketers attempt to do, professional copywriters assist legitimate business owners in structuring their copy so that it sends the correct quality signals for optimal ranking.

Copywriting for Social Media and PPC

Long-form web page and blog copy is not the only area where copywriters are an asset. Social media posts (e.g. Facebook posts and tweets) are highly structured pieces of communication with their own syntax and etiquette. Likewise, the ad copy in pay-per-click campaigns requires powerful writing if it is to grab a reader’s attention and persuade them to click a link.

Our copywriters are professionals with many year’s experience in writing persuasive, search engine optimised copy for websites and blogs. They have also honed their craft with published articles in national and international print publications.

For search engine friendly written content that does justice to your brand, call us about our copywriting services.